Strijp T, Netherlands

Eindhoven Strijp TStrijp T is a brownfield site in Eindhoven. It is a former Philips site and it also contains an old and used energy generation plant. Heavy industry is allowed on the business site. In practice, heavy industry is mixed with other activities, like designers. In the south, Strijp T is adjacent to Strijp S, an upcoming cultural area, also a former Philips site. In the east and west Strijp T is surrounded by housing. In the north there is a large green area.

Because of uncertainty about the future of the business site, companies did not invest for some years. At the beginning of 2014 the Municipality of Eindhoven decided that Strijp T will stay a business site with heavy industry and this will be facilitated. Only the small part at the border with Strijp S can also be used for more cultural activities. The old energy plant will also be used for cultural purpose and next to it a new biomass plant will be built.

Assignment within C2C BIZZ

Within C2C BIZZ a diversity design has been made for Strijp T. The project started just after the announcement of the decision that heavy industry on the business site would still be allowed in the future and even facilitated. The expectation was that companies and entrepreneurs would start investing in the business site again. The aim of the diversity design was to show them the possibilities of developing the site further in a C2C way.

More information

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