Strawberry Field, Germany

The project partner City of Bielefeld and WEGE mbH built a local C2C-BIZZ project team with three companies from Bielefeld: Schüco International KG, Goldbeck GmbH and Stadtwerke Bielefeld. Together they work on a guideline for planning a business site with high quality of diversity and optimized continuous loops with respect to water, waste and materials. The project work in Bielefeld is study-based and has a theoretical approach. Based on an existing greenfield ‘Strawberry Field’ Bielefeld wants to find out the differences between the development on C2C-principles (continuous loops, renewable energies, diversity) and the ‘traditional’ way.

Assignment within C2C BIZZ

A study was performed to inventorise the possibilities for implementing the C2C philosophy in urban land use planning and its transferability as a planning presentation in a structural plan. The greenfield Strawberry Field was used as business case.

More information

Read more about the pilot sites on and in the ‘Guide to Cradle to Cradle® inspired business sites’.