La Lainière, France

House of project Lille MetropoleLille Métropole’s area is marked by a very long and complex industrial past. This means Lille Métropole has to deal with regeneration of numerous former industrial sites with major environmental issues. The area also needs to find new ways of developing attractiveness. Therefore, Métropole Européenne de Lille (MEL) led a study on 21st century business sites to see how to develop intense and eco-friendly economic sites in a C2C perspective. MEL is also engaged in a policy for promoting and structuring eco-enterprises in two sectors: eco-building and eco-innovations and sustainable development.

The site La Lainière (30 ha) is one of the most important brownfield sites in Lille Métropole’s territory. This former wool company closed in 2000 and the site will be redeveloped for business companies (logistics) and housing.

MEL chose to redevelop it in an intense, sustainable and C2C diversity perspective, as the first pilot-site (prototype) of the so-called ‘21st century business parks charter’ and of the C2C BIZZ Project. It will implement measures for an eco-positive (eco-effective) site, embedding it in existing economic, social and ecological structures. It has to become a dynamic site, that has longevity and which can be reused for other purposes when the current production processes will move. Thus, diversity is a very important issue for La Lainière site.

Assignment within C2C BIZZ

The charter (a kind of letter of understanding) sets the framework for the planning, realization and operation of a C2C business site on the political and administrative level.

A guideline for diversity was developed to offer information about the ways to realize more diversity on a business site in a biological, social/cultural and economic/conceptual way.

A House of Projects was realized on site with again the C2C principle 'diversity' as starting point when formulating the conditions for the design. It is a C2C inspired building that can evolve along with the development of the business site and can be dismantled and used on a next site if needed.

More information

Read more about the pilot sites on and in the ‘Guide to Cradle to Cradle® inspired business sites’.