Ecoparc Windhof, Luxembourg

Solarwind HQEEcoparc Windhof is a Public Private Partnership (PPP). The aim of the partnership is to create a business site on which authorities and companies co-operate to improve economic and social development and to reduce their environmental impact. On the site willingness to apply innovative ways of making business already existed. Different companies work together on a voluntary basis to go beyond sustainability by applying C2C principles. The partners will create value by synergies. Moreover, an office building (called Solarwind), that applies certain C2C criteria, has been constructed on the site.

Assignment within C2C BIZZ

At this site achievements were made at all C2C elements: the possibilities for various material loops were investigated which resulted in the set up of a paper loop. On the energy level a new innovative way of analyzing the electricity consumption was introduced, a first step towards implementing a Smart Grid. On the diversity level various spontaneous initiatives were developed during the projects lifetime.

More information

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