Blue Gate Antwerp, Belgium

IPZ GroenecorridorBlue Gate Antwerp is a major site development project (103 ha) for the City of Antwerp, Belgium. It has set high sustainable ambitions. The brownfield, to the south of the City Centre, is being redeveloped, in collaboration with the Flemish Region, into an eco-effective business park. In the future, Blue Gate Antwerp will be home to sustainable logistics, production and research and development. Blue Gate Antwerp is a Public Private Partnership (PPP). The aim of the partnership is to create a business site on which authorities and companies co-operate to improve economic and social development and to reduce their environmental impact.

Assignment within C2C BIZZ

The Operational Framework (OF) is built on the Development Framework (DF). Whereas the DF sets out the general criteria and goals to consider by developing the business site in terms of (public) infrastructure, building facilities and operating businesses, the OF formulates substantial and measurable parameters which have to be fulfilled by the actors on the site.

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