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Strawberry field suited as C2C inspired business site

Stadt Bielefeld (Germany) is in the process of developing a new business site on a field where currently strawberries are being produced. Studies have been carried out to inventorise the possibility of implementing the Cradle to Cradle© principles during the development of this green field. The studies, on the level of land use planning, confirm that ‘Strawberry Field’ is an ideal site to locate a C2C business park. As the Bielefeld project results are now available in English I am happy  to inform you about it.
The first step in the development of the overall concept for Strawberry Field was a dialogue which the C2C Project team in Bielefeld sought with all stakeholders. During events, workshops and counselling sessions, intentions and C2C elements were discussed and defined.

The second step was a C2C feasibility study, performed by external experts who are familiar with C2C philosophy. Parties that contributed to the study were City Forester (Architecture and Urban Design), Drees and Sommer (Advanced Building Technologies) and the law firm Streitbörger / Speckmann Bielefeld.

The findings of the C2C feasibility study performed on Strawberry Field  are the following:
- A mix of industries is indeed important;
- In Bielefeld area the economic activities are the manufacturing industries sector and the sector servicing these industries. They are suited to a large extent for the settlement in a C2C business park;
- It is possible to use all expendable materials in a continuous loop system (water, energy, temperature and waste);
- An important key to success for implementing  continuous material loops  is the trust and willingness of all stakeholders to cooperate in these networks;
- Overall site management is needed to do the "matching" of the material flows.
- The site will need an innovative infrastructure to facilitate  the C2C managed business site
- Land use planning can influence the implementation of C2C inspired business sites, however the C2C principles are difficult to translate in legally binding stipulations at this level. Other legal structures can help in a later phase. Other C2C BIZZ partners have developed some examples: the Operational Framework (Antwerp), the Development Framework & Memorandum of Understanding (London) and the Charter (Lille Metropole). The documents can be found under 'tools' on this website.

The document 'Cradle to Cradle business innovation & improvement zones' summarises the results regarding the research on 'how C2C can be incorporated on the level of land use planning, by using Strawberry Field as an example'. Please e-mail Olaf Lewald, Stadt Bielefeld ( if you are interested in the English version of the document. 


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