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Using a business site as sustainable plug-in-platform

 Many cities are familiar with partly abandoned brown fields and are experimenting how to cope with this challenge. 12N Stedenbouw was commissioned by Eindhoven Region (The Netherlands) to work on a vision for the redevelopment of the industrial estate Strijp T in Eindhoven. A former Philips factory situated in the city, next to the main infrastructure and a new centre for design and innovation: Strijp S. In this vision for Strijp T, a plug-in-platform approach was chosen.

Development or transformation of the area requires other tools than the old urban development master plans. The idea is to work with a vision comparable to a platform which you can plug into. This allows adjustment to accommodate still unknown developments while at the same time undergoing quality improvements in the short term.

The plug-in platform is a framework: physical (the outside space and buildings), programmatic (purpose, activities), organisational and energetic. For example (physical wise)  developing a structure of different, separate modes of traffic. Logistics transport separated from other traffic. Programmatic wise, a dynamic zoning scheme offering space to add companies with different environmental categories, offices, recreation/sport, catering, events, eventually combined residential and work, and accommodation. The vision also formulates ideas for implementing renewable energy solutions and organisational structures. 

The Inventory tool, developed by the C2C BIZZ project, contributed to formulate the ingredients for the Strijp T plug-in platform. The tool systematically looks for the Cradle to Cradle potentials of the current business site.

New entrepreneurs and still unknown forms of use can link to the platform. The plug-in principle allows further building on what is already there, so little capital will be destroyed. Through use and reuse, value is added and the value of the area as a whole rises.

The plug-in-platform helps an ’old school’  business site to keep up with future developments, by welcoming a great diversity in functional and spatial opportunities in a sustainable manner.

Want to learn more about the vision for Strijp T? Please contact Ilja Neervens (


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