About C2C BIZZ

C2C BIZZ was an INTERREG IVB project (North-West Europe) with the objective to enhance the implementation of Cradle to Cradle® on new and existing business sites.

The project worked with three central topics, being the main C2C principles:

  • Everything is designed as a resource for something else.
  • Use current solar income; energy that can be renewed.
  • Celebrate diversity, including innovation as well as cultural and bio-diversity.

The development of tools, instruments and guidelines to facilitate the application of C2C on business sites was a central focus of the work. The instruments and tools have been tested at different pilot sites. The project ran from September 2009 until November 2015. The C2C BIZZ movie summarises the results.

We are 11 partners representing public bodies, research institutes and private companies from 6 EU countries. We were all involved in projects which accelerate the integration of Cradle to Cradle® principles on business sites. We collaborated together through the European C2C BIZZ Project. The aim was to mix functionalities, promote co-operation and collaboration of the on-site companies and develop an attractive environment, by using resources in different and innovative ways.

Each partner contributed with its knowledge and experience to the project. The knowledge gained at different pilot sites was shared between the partners.

The ‘Guide to Cradle to Cradle® inspired business sites’ is the result of this collaboration and knowledge transfer. It gives clear advice on the why and how business sites can be inspired by Cradle to Cradle®.

The C2C BIZZ content is designed for:

  • Municipal authorities, owners of both land and/or buildings;
  • Developers, investors and anchor tenants;
  • Construction teams (builders, suppliers);
  • Property managers / operation managers / governance teams;
  • Environmental public interest organizations.

Within the context of this project, a diversity of business site typologies were selected as pilot sites, in order to implement the different aspects of C2C. They differ in terms of their composition, ownership and type of development. There are sites mainly consisting of offices and logistic companies like Ecoparc Windhof in Luxembourg, heavy industrial areas like the London Sustainable Industries Park (LSIP), as well as a mixed site like La Lainière in the surroundings of Lille. The type of development also varies from public (La Lainière) to private (Ecoparc Windhof), from greenfield (Strawberry Field) to brownfield (Irisphere).

And now...?

The knowledge, expertise and professionals are gathered in the C2C-Centre. This is the springboard to anything you need to know on Cradle to Cradle®. By offering this platform, C2C BIZZ helped building a community of professionals. The C2C-Centre will continue to contribute to build a circular economy by applying the C2C principles in development projects and business practices.